Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday Pot of Sauce

Yesterday I prepared an insane amount of food. I'm not quite sure why.

I had a steak defrosting, and for some reason, I had the urge to cook a pot of sauce. I hadn't done that in eons, and pots of sauce were always Sunday traditions in my household growing up.

Most certainly, I was craving a big meal of carbs and calories. My fat pants and shorts are quite loose these days (good thing), so I figured a few excessive meals of yore were deserved.

Off to the supermarket I went for the ingredients and accompanying meat products - boneless pork ribs, sweet and hot sausages, and ground beef and turkey for meatballs.

Technically, I don't need to cook again this week. There's tons of baked ziti in the fridge, and about eight containers of sauce now frozen. No wonder why I never grew up a stick figure - to me, this was a normal and typical Sunday - football, macaronis, meat, and probably a full-octane Coca Cola to wash it down.

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FG18 said...

last week on sunday we made meatballs and sausage. had leftover meat, made a meatloaf. it lasted multiple meals last week. i think we cooked one night something different. meatloaf one night, ziti the next, meatball subs the next....sunday cooking is the way to go. next week-- POT ROAST!