Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Apocalypse in Southie

OK, this sucker goes straight into the WTF category.


On Sunday night during Rosie's final walk, I saw her stop and sniff something in the gutter along the curb on Columbia Road. It appeared to be a sock.

Now Rosie is quite a scavenger. She's always looking under cars, in the grass, and on the street for things to eat. Chicken bones, bread, and crackers appear to be her favorite finds.

I didn't think much of this sock-like object until yesterday morning, when we were walking past that same spot, and I looked down to find what appears to be some type of fish.

What is this thing?

How could a fish be in the gutter along Columbia Road?

It's not like the entire area was flooded by Dorchester Bay and this poor guy didn't make it back. I know we had a pretty major storm come through on Saturday night, with pounding rain and heavy winds. But could the storm have carried this fish-thing a good 200 yards from the water to where I found it?

It looks like one of those creatures in the fish tanks at Super 88, awaiting an untimely fate as part of some Asian cuisine. Perhaps someone bought this but dropped it before making it back to the kitchen?

I don't get it.

What is this??

If I start seeing locusts, I'm driving to Canada.


Jamen said...

I saw this yesterday. Riley wanted to eat it. I also said WTF.

Anonymous said...

Dude, that looks like a shahhhhhhhhhhhhk

Grimlocke said...

looks more like a sailfish, but that's unlikely, right?

Anonymous said...

I saw some kids playing with a dead fish at M Street Beach. Perhaps they got tired of throwing it at each other on their way home???

adamg said...

Spiny dogfish. At least, that's what the expert here says, and who are we to doubt somebody who goes by the nom-de-blog of Tuna Helper?

Jason said...

Spiny dogfish, huh? I never question the Tuna, so it must be right.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a Spiny Dogfish to me...probably was caught by someone fishing off the beach or Castle Island. Obviously the person that caught it decided it wasn't worth bringing home.

Kathy said...

I bet you can't wait for the snow to come and cover up all the garbage you encounter! : )

Anonymous said...

Could have make some Shark fin soup from the fins and tail!! yum!