Thursday, October 30, 2008

Missed Trash Pickup in Southie

Hey Boston Sanitation Division,

Nice job on East 7th St. yesterday....

East 8th looks great too....

But I think you forgot the poor folks...

...on Winfield Street.

How do you miss an entire street of trash?

Shall I assume that this will remain as such until next Wednesday morning?

Let's hope not.

Perhaps you were hoping that Southie's raccoon and skunk population would migrate to our fair East Side community?

I do, however, appreciate the link on your website to report a missed trash pickup. Who knew you had that?

I just sent you an email. Perhaps you could dispatch a truck later? Thanks so much.


Jason said...


Email from the city to me:

"We are aware of it, the street was blocked yesterday, we could not get in, they will try again today.


Awesome. The system in action...

Kathy said...

Oh my! This has me giggling!! Ha ha ha ha!!!

Oh, and I don't see any trash or dog waste in the gutters at all !

: )