Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another Car Repair Afoot

I do love my gas guzzling Jeep.

I've owned three vehicles in my life, two of them Jeeps. I bought my first one in 1996.

My current Jeep is an '03 with 68,500 miles on it. It typifies the definition of a "city car" - it's been bumped, nudged, scratched, dented, and lord knows what else. It received its first imperfection shortly after I bought it, when it scored its first of two bumper-corner dimples. I was a touch angry, but let it go soon thereafter.

Its chassis is far from perfect. But it still runs well....and it's fully paid off.

I had to put about $2,500 into it earlier this year, and have been delaying another repair for about five months now. Unfortunately, I think it's time to bring it back into the shop.


Because my feet are freezing.

The heat works. The air conditioning works too. The blower, however, does not. Regardless of the setting, all air blows from the defrost vents. It makes my torso and head comfortably warm on these 30 degree mornings.

Unfortunately, heat rises.

When the heat begins at my head, it stays there. It never reaches my tootsies.

And they are cold.


Anonymous said...

Heh, sorry to hear about your cold little tootsies. You better fix the vent soon because it's going to be a long cold winter and you don't want your tootsies get frozen and fall off!

Check your mail Saturday by noon, a small surprise for you!

Anonymous said...

Check for a blown fuse first.

Jason said...

Anonymous 1 - it just arrived. Thank you very much - how thoughtful of you!

Kathy said...

Was it a new Jeep? LOL! : )

Anonymous said...

Hm a new Jeep sound nice, but it wouldn't fit in the box!! Anyway, happy birthday to u again and I hope u like the little surprise!