Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Asheville, NC is not Greenville, SC

I had a very strange moment at dinner yesterday.

Jamen's friend Tempest is in town for a few days. She too is from North Carolina. We were talking about Asheville, NC and how cool of a city it is.

I'm agreeing - "yeah, quaint, pretty liberal, neat little downtown"

Until something hit me.

"Wait, I've never been to Asheville. I'm thinking of Greenville."

"Do you mean Greenville, NC or Greenville, SC"

:: crickets ::

"Well...I don't know."

My final year in the 18-34 demo is upon me. It's happening. Here goes the memory.

How can I forget having visited entire cities? I mean, I did travel a ton for work, and I have been to many places, but not enough places that I can't remember all of them. Or at least most of them.

I had to dig back into my project files from my old job and find my expense reports from 2005 to see which city I was thinking of.

It was indeed Greenville, SC - which admittedly is a cool little city in SC, more liberal than the back country, and complete with a quaint little downtown.

But my God!

How can I have mistaken a never-was trip to Asheville, NC with a just-about-three-years-ago trip to Greenville, SC.

I am not ready for my birthday.

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