Friday, November 28, 2008

The Bet - 24 Hours Without Internet

I learned at dinner today that my friends think I'm addicted to the Internet and computers.

Unreal. It's simply not true.

Sure I'm online all day at work. I blog. I stay connected. I use iPhone apps.

But I'm not addicted.

So, the gauntlet has been thrown down. I have been bet $150 that I cannot go an entire 24 hours - midnight Saturday to midnight Sunday - without using a computer or the Internet.

No syncing music on iTunes.
Playing the Wii is allowed, but playing online with others is not.
Using my iPhone for texting, calls, camera, or any offline apps is allowed. Everything else is not.
No paying bills online.
No iPhoto.
No online shopping.
I'm told I can't even go to the movies and use the DIY kiosk.

Fine. Not a problem.

I made a counter-bet with Ryan, an action that I regret simply because I feel like we're going to have a push and I won't win $150.

Ryan cannot drink for 24 hours, the same midnight-to-midnight. There's another clause to what he cannot do during the bet that shall remain offline; needless to say, it's not dirty or sordid.

I made the counter-bet a bit impetuously, but I know how much Ryan enjoys kicking back a few, especially on weekends. It usually begins around noon, and is a fairly constant string of drinks throughout the day.

I know I won't be miserable without my standard technology, though my friends vehemently disagree. I also know how irritated Ryan will be tomorrow without booze, which is exactly why I decided to make the bet. He threatened to hang around me for my every move on Saturday, ensuring that I do not use the Internet, computers, or online capabilities of my iPhone.

I was told that I must surrender my phone when I use the bathroom. That's a bit excessive and strangely distrusting of me after I pledged that I stay on the up-and-up during all bets, but so be it.

Under 3 hours until I'm off the grid for a bit...


Kathy said...

Good luck with your bet!

I will see you back bloggin soon...$150 richer!

: )

Media Dinosaur said...

Hi there, I'm a journalism student at Northeastern University and I'm working on an enterprise piece about technology addiction, so this posting kind of peaked my interest. I know you still have some time left in your 24 hours, but I was wondering if I'd be able to interview you on the subject. My e-mail is grautski.a (at) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Media Dinosaur-
Since you are a journalism student I thought you might like to know that your interest was "piqued" not "peaked". A common error!

John Mc said...

Easy money. Just shut the thing off and read a book in your spare time.

So did you go 24 hours???

Jason said...

Sure did!