Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Southie Turkey has a Name! gave Platinum Elite a mention today on page 2 of their amusing story about The Southie Turkey.

The author, Billy Baker, actually reached out to me last week seeking permission to use some of the turkey photos on this blog (to which I told him absolutely).

It appears that they opted for this cartoon instead, but still pulled a couple quotes from past postings. Overall, the story turned out well. Great seasonal tie-in.

I never realized that The Southie Turkey had a name.

It's Sully! How appropriate.

I have always joked that come Thanksgiving, if the economy didn't take a turn for the better, The Southie Turkey might end up in the bellies of some locals.

While Sully appears to have departed our fair neighborhood, I sure hope that he won't be the centerpiece of a dinner this Thursday. I can't imagine that a wild turkey wandering around Southie would be tasty, let alone healthy.


Kathy said...

Too funny!!!

Your photos would've been better than that cartoon.

Cool that you got a metnion on!

: )

Liz said...

Hi - Were you able to find Sully's Facebook page? I can't seem to find it.

Also -- I think Renee has quite the little Doggie Dating service going. Claire is on her 3rd boyfriend - Charlie. She dumped poor Kevin the French Bulldog.


Jason said...

I can't find it either! I tried looking for every combination of the name that was on that I could think of.

Any ideas, readers?

Meaghan said...

Hi Jason- You may want to pick up a copy of yesterday's Sunday Globe...I believed they may have used your photo on the inside page of the story. It was a very cute article.

Jason said...

Hey Meaghan - I didn't see it myself, but Karin noticed it. She's kind of in the pic (lol) and is giving me her copy. The author did email me a short while ago asking for permission - I just figured they didn't go with the pic since the version didn't feature it.

But thanks for the tip. Cool, huh?

Anonymous said...

Sully's facebook page was removed by Facebook because he's "not a real person"

As soon as he became famous they disabled it!


His name WAS "Sully TheTurkeyFrom Southie"

Kathy said...

What? Why did they pick on Sully? How many other unreal users are on Facebook?! WTH?!