Thursday, January 08, 2009

Car Burning on Sherman Rd in Chestnut Hill

How's this for a bad morning?

My co-worker Sean lives in Chestnut Hill.

The white Jeep in this video is Sean's car.

Just as he's about to head out the door to the office, he saw a BMW pull up behind his car. The driver exited the vehicle and popped the hood. Smoke began billowing from the engine. Somehow, he was able to find some residents with fire extinguishers to spray onto the engine.

But then...

...something ignites...

...inside of the BMW...

...which is parked behind Sean's car.

Needless to say, the back of Sean's Jeep is no longer white. I'm told that the interior smells of burnt plastic.

His neighbor captured this video.

On the brighter side, I would imagine that there's no longer black ice in this part of the parking lot.

The aftermath...


The Fuz said...

Poor Sean! Of all the bad luck!

Kathy said...

Oh no! Good thing nobody was hurt though!
: )