Friday, January 09, 2009

Fast Lane Communities Resident Program

Universal Hub rocks for many reasons.

But today, it rocks because I saw this story about The Fast Lane Communities Resident Program

(side note - when I asked if she had ever heard about this program, Karin the Irish asked if it was a program designed for people who live in the tunnels. Though she was clearly kidding, I can see how, technically, this could be inferred)

I had NO IDEA that as a Southie resident - 02127 - I was eligible. I thought it was just for people in Eastie.

So, it appears that I can use the airport tunnel for the discounted rate of whatever it is - 40 cents?


How could I have lived in Southie for almost six years and not known I was eligible?

All this time...I could have been hanging out in Eastie without fear of paying $3.50 to get home.

Saturday, I'm headed to the MTA building in Eastie, utility bill as proof of residency in tow, to hook myself up.

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