Thursday, February 19, 2009

28 Degrees - $1 Oysters

Last night, I headed over to 28 Degrees in the South End for $1 oysters, something they serve weeknights from 5pm-7pm. It's a great way to attract people into the place during a slower period and make some legit revenue.

Our $1 oysters quickly became a $40 tab per person!

You don't see too many places using normally $2.75 oysters as a loss leader, but if they can squeeze a few thousand weekly out of a normally dead couple of hours, AND have the reputation as the $1 oyster place, then good for them.

The rest of the menu looks good, albeit a bit expensive. The drinks certainly are on the high end. At Karin's suggestion before I left work, I had a blueberry basil martini, which unfortunately seemed more like a small glass of $13 blueberry slushie. When I'm having a fruity cocktail, I'd prefer to taste the booze somewhere inside. The $9.50 prosciutto and melon martini was certainly stronger, and tasted more like something I wouldn't make at home, which is something I seek when I'm out boozing (i.e. I don't exactly have beer taps at home, so I usually go for draft beer - something 28 degrees did not have).

It's nice to see somewhere in this city where I can have a dozen oysters for $12. I felt spoiled after my trips to New Orleans a few years ago, where oysters are usually less than a buck each. I do believe that I prefer the charm of New Orleans raw bars and cajun restaurants to the ones up here, but it's a bit of a hike to travel to Louisiana whenever the oyster urge hits.

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