Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mr. G's Liquidation Center - Out of Date Still Tastes Great!

On Saturday, I was supposed to head up to New Hampshire for lunch with my high school friend Ken and his family. Unfortunately, I had a message during the week that his wife and kids were sick, and we should probably reschedule. I totally understood (as I, and seemingly the rest of New England, were still working through colds).

Trips to New Hampshire are always fun because they always include pit stops at the NH State Liquor Store. I was a bit bummed that I'd have to wait a while longer for cheap(er) booze.

Undaunted, I latched onto another opportunity to head north to The Granite State.

Mike has mentioned a clearance store called "Mr. G's," to which I seem to have figured higher education for this "G" character because I always called it "Dr. G's." I proposed a road trip there on Saturday afternoon.

Turns out Mr G's is in Tilton, NH, in a nondescript strip mall anchored by a Dollar Store and a Curves. No fanfare whatsoever.

I walked inside and immediately felt dirty. It was a strange vibe.

We wandered over to the clothing section, where Mike assured me everything was both new and 50% off. I couldn't help but find lint and cat hair on a few items, but I took his word for it. They did have some name-brand items, but nothing that struck a chord for me.

We ventured over to the over-the-counter drugs and medical section, where I found some cheap Purell and Mike went for some diet supplements. He grabbed a Luna bar for 10 cents, which I further inspected to find an expiration date within a week or two.

Warning sign. OK, filed it away.

Onward to the aisles of food and paper products. I saw a large section of tissues boxes, all which appeared as though they were thrown from and run over by a truck. It's a clearance center, I thought. Everything shouldn't be perfect.

We walked by the candy - Mike's weakness. He grabbed some sugary snacks. I continued.

I saw that the Christmas Candy was deeply discounted. Hmmm...Christmas was 2 months ago. They're still selling Holiday candy? Odd, I thought.

Then I found a display of salad dressings, olive oil, and mayonnaise. All inexpensive.

All expired. October 2008. 4 months ago.

I always wondered where expired, unsold food products went to die. It appears they live on in Tilton, NH, consumed by the good citizens of Central New Hampshire.

Maybe I can see expired salad dressing. Oil and vinegar. Seems pretty preservative-ish. I wouldn't put it past me using the last of some salad dressing in my fridge that just passed its expiration date.

But purchasing salad dressing new (or especially mayo new), knowing that it has already expired - that doesn't seem all that safe to me.

What I loved the most is the sign. "Out of Date Still Tastes Great"

Hmmm. Do they mean going down or coming back up?

I left Mr. G's with a few bottles of water and some miscellaneous products. We swung by some of the nearby Factory Outlets, and hit up BJ's Wholesale and, of course, the NH State Liquor Store to complete the trip.

At least I can now say that I have been to Mr. G's. I won't feel like I'm missing out on anything each time he and Jeff discussed it.

And, most certainly, I now realize that this G character is no Doctor.


Anonymous said...

The letter "G" must be stand for Good bowel movement, drink couple expired bottles of salad dressing will clean you right out! They should have the slogan as such, "Out of date still tastes great, it won't stay will lose weight!" =D

Anonymous said...

Everyone in the picture wear hoodies!! Wasup with that!

Anonymous said...

It's a liquidation store, not everyone can afford in date food or brand name full price clothes, seriously. Mr. G's has been in business for 20 years & currently has 4 other locations. Happy shopping ;)

Anonymous said...

We have gotten food poisoning 3 times from out of date food from Mr G's. I won't buy the out-of-date food there again. Seems irresponsible to sell it to us poor people who just need a break from time to time. We definitely don't need it bad enough to ruin our health! I do love the clothing and paper goods though.