Friday, March 06, 2009

The Most Selfish Residents of Southie

Today - March 6th, 2009 - I do declare it "Parking Liberation Day" in Southie.

Temps in the 50's and 60's this coming weekend, day 5 of the Nor'Easter-induced street parking stalemate, sun shining, FINALLY we're done saving the stamps of blacktop, formerly covered with snow that we simply drove over with our SUV's and marked with waterlogged cardboard boxes or mangled ironing boards.

Hamlin St. - nice to see parking options
East 8th St. - welcome back to open parking
Winfield St. - hey, a few parking selections
East 7th St. - join the party!
Marine / Columbia Rds. - sweet, places to park

But wait.

There's a hanger-on.

Douglas St.

Hereby declared:

The most selfish residents of Southie.

Whereby most streets featured ample unmarked parking on this beautiful Friday morning, residents of Douglas St., you take the cake. Besides the one unmarked parking spot in the foreground of this photo, every other spot farther up the block was marked. Don't be fooled - what appear to be other unmarked spots in this photo were either driveways or were marked with objects hidden from this vantage point.

Spots saved by the hangers-on - the majority of whom live on Douglas St., it appears.


Kathy said...

Oh that is too funny!

Have you seen this blog:

Jason said...


Anonymous said...

Dear "Neighbor" Jason,

I just read your BLOG on Universal Hub! You say the most selfish residents of Southie live on this block? Oh really? By selfish & greedy, are you referring to the hundreds (literally, hundreds!) of seniors living in the two block radius you are referring to in your blog? You need a dope slap buddy, then maybe you would realize that the majority of spots are shoveled & saved by seniors living in and around the Foley Senior Apt Building, which has been short on parking spaces for years now. Or maybe it's shoveled by a senior living in the dwindling supply of owner occupied homes that have not yet been converted to Condos? I'm not sure exactly which neighbors you are calling Selfish?

If we were "greedy" we would legitimately apply to the city of Boston & have Handicap Parking spots located in front of our houses, to assist us in getting in and out of our homes. That would really freeze you out of a parking spot! But up until this point, we thought we were being mindful of our neighbors and would not want to tie up a parking spot permanently.

So neighbor, please be mindful of your surroundings, help clean up the snow & the bags of dog poop littering the blocks & for God's sake, step up! You are 35 years old, pony up the $$ and rent a spot if you cant stand the situation. But please don't call us selfish. Stop your whining & go out & enjoy life!

Needy not Greedy on Douglas & 8th

Jason said...

Thanks for the comment, neighbor.

FYI, I'm 34.

I'm very mindful of handicap spots and their relevance. My mother requires the use of one and I always respect the spots as legally marked.

If you need a handicap spot, apply for it!

If's public parking. Don't mark blacktop 5 days after a storm.

And FYI - Foley apartments are not bordering Douglas St. The streets surrounding Foley apartments had far more unmarked spots on them as opposed to Douglas St.

Anonymous said...

So the handicapped folks are the ones who put sundry garbage in the streets 5 days after a storm?

I wonder if these same resourceful handicapped folks are the ones who mark spots that they don't even shovel like on Snow Emergency routes such as Broadway.

Still learning these rules...