Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Still On Diet, Still Losing Weight

It's 38 days into the diet, and I am down 14.2 pounds.  Another 4.8 pounds off will tie my highest recorded weight loss, and another 5.2 pounds beyond that will tie my lowest weight of the past six years.

My goal was about 30 pounds, so I am almost halfway there.  I figured that I had plenty of time between the start of the diet in late January and the overindulgence of St. Patrick's Day weekend and the Iceland/London trip at the end of the month, the combination of which I believe will set me back 6-8 pounds, thereby giving me another 5 or 6 weeks afterward to drop 15 more pounds before Kauai in May.

I know, sounds confusing.

All I know is that things fit much better.  Even I am noticing that I look thinner.  Overall, I feel great.  Losing weight is awesome for my self-esteem (which is almost always very positive anyways).  It also helps the wallet, as it makes me think twice about eating out 3-4 times each week and having unnecessary alcoholic drinks.

Usually, I carry my weight well.  Even at my heaviest, I would hit the gym and work out, so it wasn't all fat.  But lately, I have told a few people that I still have another 15-20 pounds to go, and their judging and confused looks tell me that they don't agree that I need to lose those pounds as well (although, I know I do).

I have done this with no pills or supplements, instead focusing on diet and exercise.  Mike introduced me to this calorie-shifting diet - choose various foods and a website manufactures an 11-day menu of 4 meals per day.  It's not all bacon either - some days are protein-heavy (eggs, milk, turkey, roast beef, nuts), while others include some carbs like oatmeal and baked beans.  One day is all fruit and another is all vegetables.  Both of those are very, um, cleansing.

I have been strict with exercise during the diet, going to the gym 4-5 times each week for a minimum of 45 minutes of cardio and 5-10 minutes of stretching during each visit.  I'll sprinkle in weights during every other visit.

My stomach appears to have shrunk a bit as well.  Last week at trivia night, I had 3 sections of a club sandwich and fries (I went off diet that night), along with a few pints of beer, and I felt incredibly full and gross.  In the past, I could have finished the plate and had room for dessert.


Anonymous said...

What's the website?

Anonymous said...

Good job on the weight lost! Just don't over do it, you don't really want to look like anorexic. A little bit of fat will give your skin more supple & younger look. Personally I prefer "The All-You-Can-Eat-Diet", you simply eat as much as you want and whatever you want and exercise regularly & stay active to burn it all off. I have lost 50 lbs+ & maintain a healthy weight with BMI 24 & 12-13% body fat so far (trying to get down to 10% eventually, it kind of hard for a old man like me at 34 to lower the %, my body just not they way it used to be). I know I can't never function if I feel hungry so I guess this diet work for me.

Jason said...

I think this is it:

My friend has the subscription, actually. Here's a mini-writeup about the diet:

I can certainly attest. I have done 4 turns of this diet - 3 times recently, once last year. It's very simple to stick with, and it has worked every single time.

Travelnater said...

I love you Jason. Your blog is awesome. I'm so happy you've kept it up - you're a rock star, man. If only everybody's mind was so accessible to pry into, life would be a miracle.