Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Marketers Who Think It's 1987 and/or I'm Elderly

One of the by-products of ordering a Snuggie (well, technically...two Snuggies) is that marketers believe I'm a shut-in 68 year old lady.

Case in point, today's catalog from Heartland America.

Immediately, I noticed that on the cover and on a few pages inside, they warn me that "due to skyrocketing postage rates" they have to cut back and urge me to order from this particular issue. I suppose it's my last chance to purchase such cutting edge products as:

  • An Ice Shaver to make Sno-Cones
  • A Project Runway-edition Brother sewing machine
  • A digital dictionary / thesaurus "ideal for crossword puzzle buffs"
  • An Amazing Versatile Memorex 3 CD changer / dual cassette / turntable / AM-FM stereo

Pottery Barn this is not.


Brian ;-) said...

Two words: cataract surgery. You've forever been tagged in the AARP crowd.

Jamen said...

Yeah whatever happened to that extra snuggie that I was going to be gifted???

Angela said...

I have a Brother Project Runway sewing machine and it rocks! :D Also, you should have ordered a Slanket instead. Those are hipster-ish.