Monday, April 13, 2009

New Swimsuits

On Friday, I ventured to the Wrentham Outlets to begin shopping for the trip to Kauai, and I'm now the proud owner of three new swimsuits (along with other assorted new items of clothing).

Shopping for me is usually a solitary adventure. I like to take my time and not feel like I'm burdening someone in sitting and waiting while I host my own personal runway show.

But this trip was different. It's Mike's condo in Kauai at which I will be staying, and part of the motivation of my current diet (17 pounds off and counting since Feb 1) is to become healthier and look good for the beach. Mike should have a say in my Hawaii fashion, I decided. It's also nice to invite someone on a clothes shopping trip every so often, just for a change of opinion. While couture is often a personal decision, it's usually influenced by peer pressure.

I ended up with 3 pairs of shorts (two plaid, one madras - I haven't had patterned shorts in years), a few T-shirts one size smaller than I'm used to buying (thanks to the diet), and the aforementioned three new swimsuits. Unfortunately, I'm still not thrilled with my appearance in those bathing suits, so I have a bit of a hardcore month ahead of me. Now with Easter in the past, and the temptation of cakes and chocolate bunnies behind me, I'm feeling pretty good about my chances of dropping a few more pounds and toning up even more.

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Kathy said...

Kauai is amazing!

Can't wait to see your photos!

: )