Friday, May 08, 2009

Aloha from Kaua'i

I'm highly amused that a few short weeks ago, I stepped onto an Icelandair jet and a short 4 1/2 hours after take-off, I was at Keflavik Airport outside of Reykjavik. Yesterday, I took three flights to get to Lihue Airport in Kauai, with a total travel time of about 15 1/2 hours...and I'm still in the United States!

The flights were uneventful (thankfully), but rather full. I had people in the middle seat next to me on the BOS-ATL leg and the LAX-LIH leg.

My flight arrived on time, and Mike greeted me at the airport with a lei of fresh flowers. He probably figured I wanted to full experience (he was right). He and Jeff had already rented a convertible, so I added my luggage to theirs, and we drove to the condo in Princeville. I started seeing signs for Hanalei and have been singing "Puff, the Magic Dragon" ever since, though the spelling is different from that in the song's lyrics.

We unpacked, watched the sunset, grabbed dinner and a few Mai Tais, picked up some groceries, and then headed home, where I promptly crashed in bed.

The 5-Day forecast:

SAT - Sunny - High 85 / Low 72
SUN - Sunny - High 84 / Low 72
MON - Sunny - High 83 / Low 72
TUE - Sunny - High 83 / Low 72
WED - Sunny - High 83 / Low 72

Love it. Consistent. Sun. Being a weathercaster in Hawaii must leave plenty of time for surfing.

My body clock is a bit wacky after almost 24 hours awake (less a few naps on planes), in bed by 9 PM local, and up around 5:00 AM. I'm sitting here watching the local morning newscasters not in jackets and ties, but rather Hawaiian shirts.

No worries though. It's vacation. I'm planning to lose track of time and date relatively quickly.

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Anonymous said...

Must be nice to have vacation one after another!! Have a wonderful time in Hawaii and don't forget to post some pictures!