Thursday, May 07, 2009

Headed to Hawaii

Finally - it's time for Hawaii!

I'm up far too early with the sole purpose of making it to LA by 1pm local time in order to catch their one flight to Lihue today. I'm hoping both I and my checked bag make it on that plane.

Kauai appears to be 6 hours behind us here in Boston. It's not even Thursday yet there as I write this. 5,133 miles as the crow flies, the second farthest I have been from home in my life (behind Sydney, which is over 10,000 miles from here). Dubrovnik was even closer than Hawaii.

I'm hoping I don't regret my cup of coffee this morning. I was debating caffeine versus sleeping on the plane and picked the former, thinking that perhaps somewhere within my three flights today I'll still doze off for a bit. From my first takeoff to final touchdown, it's a 15.5 hour journey.

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