Sunday, May 10, 2009

Consistency on Kaua'i

My primary concern these days is applying sunblock. My secondary concern is deciding upon which flavor of shaved ice I want each day.

Life in Kaua'i has an element of Groundhog Day to it. Lots of sameness. Same weather, same temperatures, similar activities. Very relaxing.

  • Wake up early (6:30-ish), as I'm still not fully adjusted to the time zone.
  • Our condo is on a golf course, and the sprinklers go off shortly thereafter.
  • Brew some delicious local coffee and eat a bagel or some toasted bread with guava jam.
  • Begin motivating, don a t-shirt and shorts.
  • Head out to some activity (yesterday was a hike Kalalau Trail for some incredible views of Wainiha Bay and the Pacific Ocean).
  • Find lunch somewhere, sitting outside watching the roosters strut around.
  • Head to the beach.
  • Throw football around in the water for an hour.
  • Tan a bit longer (or in Mike's case, turn pink).
  • Head out, stopping by the shaved ice place.
  • Back to the condo, shower, frozen margarita, relax a bit.
  • Head to dinner, probably in Hanalei, maybe in Kapa'a.
  • Back to condo, exhausted, crash around 9:30pm.

Our plan is to shake it up a bit by visiting a few different beaches and restaurants, but the basic framework is similar. Definitely lots of losing track of time and date, which is excellent.


Kathy said...

Sounds like a perfect vacation!

GORGEOUS photos!!!

: )

Anonymous said...

Gosh!! Everything looks so nice out there, just like the paradise! I definitely will consider to visit Hawaii in the future! Everyone in the pic got beautiful smiles and the middle one does look more pink & red than tan... (hope he doesn't get roasted alive in that strong sun light)