Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shaved Ice in Kaua'i

Part of our daily routine here in Kaua'i includes shaved ice, a local refreshment that's pretty common throughout the island.

I have concluded that shaved ice is better in concept and appearance than in actual consumption. It usually leaves me with a semi-upset stomach.

Basically, shaved ice is just that - a big block of ice shaved and piled high into a styrofoam cup. The ice is topped with flavoring, anything from peach to mai tai. Most shaved ice stands have a ton of flavors, and most customers choose two or three different ones. Topping the shaved ice with sweetened, condensed milk is also popular.

So we have ordered shaved ice from this truck and from a few different stands in Waimea and in Hanalei. I was underwhelmed by my cherry/vanilla combo, and have sampled pineapple, pina colada, lychee, and a few other flavors. Everything topped with the creamy sweetened, condensed milk (called a "snow cap" at one of the shaved ice stands).

It usually looks great and tastes good. Minutes later, however, the overabundance of sweetness doesn't always react well in my stomach. I've always been more of a salty-snack fan, and ice cream is always an excellent indulgence. Shaved ice with flavored syrups....I'm not sure that I am cut out for it, but I have a feeling that I haven't eaten my final cup of shaved ice.


Anonymous said...

Look very yummy, I would love to try lychee flavor one. The only question that cross my mind is, where is that block of ice come from and what kind of water do they use...

Kathy said...

I think my fave is the pineapple! YUM!!!