Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chicken Crossing the Road in Kaua'i

Technically, it's a rooster...

I can't get enough of these wild chickens and roosters here on Kaua'i.

They are brazen. They are loud. And they are everywhere.

Since there are no natural predators for the chicken / rooster population here on Kaua'i, once these buggers freed themselves years ago, they took over and now outnumber humans.

At our outdoor lunch a few days ago, a friendly rooster strutted over to our table, mere feet from where Mike was dining on his distant cousin, slathered in teriyaki sauce.

At Spouting Horn in Poipu today, I could not resist a few photos of this bugger, as he was crossing the road.

Just how many opportunities would I have of actually photographing a chicken crossing the road?

I didn't stop to ask why he was doing it, but assumed that he simply needed to get to the other side.

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