Friday, May 15, 2009

...Still in Kauai

If any trip that I have ever taken has been a constant photo shoot, it's certainly this one. When you combine an amazingly picturesque setting with a few northeastern guys not used to being this tan, you get pictures galore. I should probably speak for myself, since I'm the one responsible for most of this vacation's photos (though both Jeff and Mike have manned the camera and snapped away at many points throughout the past week).

The weather has been spectacular from the moment we arrived; sunny every single day with rolling clouds welcoming us with brief respites from the rays and minimal drops of rain. We have managed to hit a number of beaches - Hanalei Beach (aka Waioli Beach Park), Secret Beach (not sure if we fabricated that name or not), Poipu Beach, Anini Beach, and Haena Park - each with different looks and feels and distinct character.

Unlike most of my other trips to beaches, we have been taking our time and not prolonging our exposure to any particular trip, going to a beach for an hour or two, taking a break, and perhaps heading to another beach or to the pool later in the day. I have been the most diligent of the three of us with the usage of sunblock, thankfully resulting in the least amount of redness, sunburn, and peeling. While SPF 30 scares many away, I view it as the safest way for me to still get incredibly tan.


Kathy said...

Awesome photos! Making me want to go back!

Look at your tan against the green shirt!

You will be happy to know the sun only came out one full day this week here in MA.


Anonymous said...

Nice Pics! now give me some of those tan.....