Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fledgling Trekkie?

While I wouldn't go so far as to say that I'm a Trekkie, I went to see the Star Trek movie yesterday afternoon, and indeed enjoyed it!

Over 34 years on this planet, and yesterday was honestly the first time that I had ever seen anything Star Trek-related. I had nothing against the franchise. I simply felt that I had missed the boat, and jumping aboard along the way would have been too difficult - the characters, the plots the subplots, the time investment...I just didn't see much of a personal ROI.

But yesterday after softball, a few of my friends invited me to see the movie, and I went.

Turns out that each of the three had seen the Star Trek movie at least once or twice already.

Unfortunately, I have been going to the movies so infrequently of late that I can't remember the last time I saw the same movie twice in a first-run theatre.

Nonetheless, I had heard from a number of sources that enjoying the Star Trek movie did not require prior knowledge of the series or past movies.

I totally agree.

My knowledge of Star Trek had been this simple and incomplete list of facts:

Spock was Leonard Nemoy
Captain Kirk was William Shatner
Vulcan Death Grip
The Enterprise
Live Long and Prosper
Beam Me Up, Scotty
That hand signal that I can't do

That's it. God's Truth. I had no idea when the series took place, why they flew around in that ship, and who the other characters were.

Yet I found the movie mostly easy to follow, and didn't feel ignored as a newbie.

But now I'm intrigued. While I'm far from becoming a Trekkie, and I certainly do not have the stamina to catch up on all that I have missed, I would like to know more.

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