Wednesday, June 17, 2009

R.I.P. Goose, May 4, 2009 - June 16, 2009

Rosie's new friend Goose has moved on to the plush doll storage chest in the sky.

Usually, she is pretty gentle with her American Kennel Club animal toys. A few days ago, however, she managed to break Goose open at a seam. I found some clumps of Goose's stuffing innards on the kitchen floor, and decided that he needed some repair work.

At first, I tried sewing Goose back together, but for some terrible reason, I thought that Gorilla Glue would be a better solution. Never mind that Gorilla Glue isn't meant for fabrics, nor is it meant for human or animal ingestion, a likely result if applied to a dog's chew toy.

So, sadly, Goose made it into this week's garbage pickup.

Duck, Beaver, and Squirrel are still kicking around, and I have a feeling that Goose II might be making an appearance sometime soon, once I make my way to the store later today.

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Anonymous said...

Rosie is looking fine in the pic! Especially her shiny and luxurious coating on her nice firm body. It just make me want to pat & hug that cute dog of yours!