Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Most Obnoxious Radio Jingle

Great jingles are infectious. Memorable, catchy, and witty.

I suppose "great" is subjective, but I certainly don't mind the jingles for Free Credit Report, Mattress Discounters, East-West Mortgage, and Giant Glass.

There is one current campaign, however, that makes me jump out of bed almost as quickly as most Beastie Boys songs.


Ugh! How irritating - a kid singing this phone number for 60 seconds straight. It's worse that fingernails down a chalk board.

What's funny is that the organization KNOWS how irritating their radio commercial is, which is partly why the campaign is effective. On their website, there is a link to have people submit their own versions of the jingle.

Having worked in radio, and now working in marketing / advertising - I get why this campaign is running as frequently as it is, and credit them for creating such a memorable yet irritating commercial.


Anonymous said...

lol, I checked out the website, the jingle is certainly catchy but kind of cute. Not sure how loud u have your radio on but hearing 60 seconds of it will definitely make anyone remember the numbers!!!

Angela said...

It's now stuck in my head. Thanks. ;)

K-A-R-S cars for kids,
1-877-KARS-For Kids,
Donate your car today!"

Mike McLaughlin said...

I completely agree. 10000% I turn the radio off when I hear it start.