Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Softball Tournament

After a week of futzing around on the bus during my new commute to Chinatown, I decided to clear out of Boston and hit up a softball tournament instead.

Actually...this trip had been planned for months, and I was lucky enough to have been granted this week off by my new employers (albeit an unpaid week, but that's only fair given the short duration of my time with the company thus far).

Our bracket has 39 teams from across North America (well, just Canada and the U.S.), and in the round robin games, we went 3-0 to earn a 5th place seeding in the actual tournament, which begins today.

We ended up winning the final game on a walkoff game-winning single that I hit with two outs and two strikes! Normally that kind of pressure might have caused me to think a bit too much, but since the game was tied and it would have either ended that way or we would have won, I approached the at-bat pretty lightheartedly. Nothing to lose. Smack the ball and run fast to first, which is what happened. Run scored, I was safe, game over.

But every game is a new one - and we still have six more to win if we'd like to win the title.

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Kelly said...

You softball star! Almost as good as kickball. Where are you working now? I'm in Chinatown too...