Sunday, March 23, 2008

Blocking Out More of the Sun

Another family holiday in the books (and a 60th birthday dinner for my mother), and yet another weekend of eating in excess. It has become a ritual, to be honest, and I need for it to stop. Things just aren't as comfortable on me any more. I certainly don't have genetics on my side (my father seems to have taken to wearing Hawaiian shirts because they are more spacious and easier to button around his belly). I'm not getting any younger. And lately, I have been eating too many bundt cakes.

You know it's time for a change when you tell your friends "chest up" when describing how you would like to be photographed. I seem to recall saying those words in this photo taken in Positano, Italy.

So, perhaps writing it down will force me to take diet and exercise more seriously. I saw a few photos of me on my parents' fridge, and my face does looks slimmer. It was probably during a time of the Atkins diet (which I tried twice before, and lost twenty pounds each time).

I announced my Summer Lent here last year, and actually stuck with it. Being that the real Lent just ended today, perhaps it's time for a Spring Lent. I don't know the official rules yet, but imagine that eating fewer carbs and hitting the gym more frequently will be on the list.

As comfortable as it might be, I certainly cannot live my life in stretchy-waist shorts.

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Janice Harms said...

Your mom looks GREAT for 60. That's my age and I don't look that young!