Saturday, March 22, 2008

I am French (Je suis Français)

Well, we made it down to New York in one piece. I learned that Dramamine is quite effective in keeping Rosie calm and not drooly during the car ride when given an hour before the trip.

My mother is turning 60 this week, and we're having a surprise dinner for her tonight with some friends and family. She still doesn't seem to have figured it out, which is a bit odd.

I learned something new about myself today. When talking about last weekend's St. Patrick's Day festivities, I was informed that the part of me that I classified as "European Mutt" heretofore is actually better defined as "one-eighth French." I always knew about the Italian part of me, figured I was part German given my last name, and knew I did indeed have some Irish blood.

But French? Didn't know that.

Who knew? (well, my father did)

I figure including a photo of the new proposed temporary Eiffel Tower observation deck, as odd as it looks, would be an appropriate accompaniment to this revelation. (Thanks to Boston Real Estate Blog and for the photo).

Perhaps at dinner tonight, I'll have some Pommes Frites or a crepe to celebrate.

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