Thursday, March 20, 2008


MBTA Bus, originally uploaded by southiejason.

More often that not, my riding mass transit here in Boston elicits an odd story, a miscalulation, or both.

Yesterday, we had meetings in the office towers at the Pru. Since we had dinner scheduled for later that night, and since I didn't want to deal with midweek daytime parking rates (or a walk from our offices in Kenmore), I decided to take the bus from Southie.

Now, I knew that the #9 went from Broadway to Copley Square, and I figured that was my best option ( was my best option). It's a short walk to the bus stop on Broadway at G St.

Unfortunately, while waiting for the #9 bus, the #10 showed up first. I did not realize that the #10 stopped there, nor did I realize that it too wound up at Copley Square (according to its digital readout). But when I saw its destination, I thought I'd hop on the #10.

Little did I realize that it took the scenic route there. Well, not exactly the scenic route, since it drove through the innards of Newmarket's meat distributors. But rather the longer route.

I drive through the South End up up Mass Ave from the Back Bay to Southie all the time. But the #10 drove me through some streets that I had never seen. I suppose I had no reason to see them until yesterday (that reason being, I was stuck on a bus).

We ended up at Back Bay Station about 40 minutes after I boarded the bus. I swifty walked to my meeting, fully expecting to walk in a few minutes late because of my unplanned tour de #10.

It's a good thing my 9am meeting actually was scheduled to begin at 9:30. I was the third one there.


Anonymous said...

Rosie looks sweet. I can't wait to play with her. Not like this very smelly, annoying dog I know.

YellowPage the Dinosaur said...

Jason - Great quote in the Globe. Don't fret that they didn't link your site to the article. It was easy enough to find, way out here in sunny California.

Delighted to know of your actions and we are fighting back as well on the West coast against the antiquated print yellow page directories.

You can't get any more direct than our blog: YellowPage the Dinosaur.

We added a link to your site at

Continued success!