Friday, September 19, 2008

Monster Beets from The Food Project

I must say that my weekly locally grown vegetable box from The Food Project has far exceeded my expectations this year. Never have I picked up a box that wasn't full, and many weeks, there have been items that didn't even fit in the box (melons, huge bunches of basil and dill, and squash, for example). It's awesome to have had prepaid fresh vegetables for months.

This week's box was yet another good one. Peppers, edamame, broccoli, red cabbage, hakurei turnips, garlic, onions, potatoes, tot soi, chard (of course...this year's weekly item that I just don't seem to use), and these Monster Beets.

The beets in the foreground were from last week or the week prior, and this week's Monster Beets are propped up in the background.

These suckers are huge.

I'm sure if I hurled them at passing cars, I would do some major damage - not that I often throw vegetables at vehicles.

Good thing I like beets. The ones I have cooked this summer have been sweet and delicious, either cold or warm.

I'm thinking of finding a recipe this weekend that involves something other than simply boiling or roasting the beets, though either of those methods seems to really bring the flavor out in the beets.

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